• A compact and cost effective Bluetooth system

  • Bluetooth specification V4.0 low energy technology pre-qualified

  • Built on Dialog DA14580 chipset

  • Up to 20-meter range

  • Complete 2.4GHz Bluetooth  Smart System including:  Hardware: Radio, Baseband, Crystal and One-Time-Programmable (OTP) memory

  • Standard Firmware: BLE protocol stack

  • Ultra low power Transmitting mode =~5mA, Receiving mode = ~5.4mA

  • Deep sleep mode current =~0.7μA for connect with external 32.768kHz crystal

  • Wide voltage supply range (1.2v to 3.3v)

  • Possible to use 3V coins battery or 1.5V alkaline battery for voltage supply

  • One Time Programmable (OTP) memory (32kB) , 

  • 8kB retention SRAM

  • External or Internal antenna design

  • 10-bit ADC with 4 channels, 

  • Four Software Timers, 

  • 14 GPIOs, 

  • Two USARTs (one programmable UART or SPI), 

  • One I2S, 3-axis capable Quadrature Decoder 128-bit AES Security   coprocessor

  • Short transition time between operation modes further enable low energy environment 

  • Surface mount module (stamp hole PCB) for embedded applications

  • Excellent cost effective with few external components

  • Compact size: 12.7 mm x 9.0 mm x 2.2 mm

Bluetooth Smart Module

IOE introduces our custom module and software stack for Dialog Bluetooth® Smart chips. This custom Bluetooth® Smart module will allow engineers to add full Bluetooth® Smart functionality to their products at no time. It's one of the smallest, most cost effective modules on the market. Includes an optional embedded Bluetooth Smart antenna, clock, and 32Kb OTP, reducing the number of external components needed.

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