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LoRaWAN Service Extension Solution

LoRa Mesh networking is a network topology where Repeater Node 1 (RN1) and Repeater Node 2 (RN2) can communicate to each other if they are in range or communicate to the nearest LoRaWAN gateway. As shown in the diagram, it is impossible for End Devices (ED1,2 and 3) to communicate to the server since it is out of internet coverage. However, in LoRa Mesh networking, data packets will be routed via mesh-connected RNs. The main characteristics of the RN are that it allows for the formation of individual sub-networks which is a bunch of EDs. RN is connected to the nearest gateway through standard LoRaWAN protocol, so it enables data packets from out of range EDs to reach the distant server. 

Thus, we extend the traditional LPWAN architecture from a star-type to a mesh topology which enables a multi-hop transmission. The LoRa Mesh networking will provide more flexible routing and extended radio coverage.

‚ÄčThe communication protocol between the EDs and RN1 is ABP whilst that between RN2 and Gateway is OTAA to provide data security.

The communication distance between RN1 and RN2 can be up to 3 km.