Special Features and Advantages 

Cruise Control:

  • Lamborghini Avendator will move at a constant speed on different surfaces, not only on flat surface, but also on a steep slope just like a real car. 

Follow Me

  • Through advanced positioning technology, user can create your own route through our AutoWave Car Apps on their tablet devices. The car will follow the route automatically.

32-step proportional steering control

  • The car offers an extraordinary driving experience with its advanced precision.    

3 different Authentic Dashboard experience

  • Virtual Joystick Control Mode
  • Accelerometer Control Mode 
  • Authentic Dashboard Control Mode

Authentic App Controls

Smart Toys

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About this item 

  • Force Link Starter Set includes Force Link wearable technology, compatible with all Force Link products and included 3.75-inch scale Kylo Ren Force Link-activated figure. 
  • Wear Force Link wearable technology to unlock phrases and sounds in over 30 toys! 
  • Movie-inspired design 
  • Recreate adventures and scenes from the Star Wars universe 
  • Includes Force Link wearable technology, figure, and instructions.

1:43 Full Features Bluetooth enabled R/C Car

RFID enabled interactive Star Wars Force Link kit for Hasbro

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